Mankeel 2022 New Model 480W 24V Surface Sea Jet Diving Equipment Swimming Under Water Electric Underwater Scooter

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Please talk with me about VAT, discount, coupons,shipping time, customized requirements . . .Welcome your inquiry!

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Custom Process
Underwater Scooter Production Lead Time It will take 50-60 days in total, 
please start your order before peak season
If you are a seller on an e-commerce platform, Our art and design department can provide you with pictures and videos,according to your requirements.(including but not limited to the following platforms)
Q1: Do you have a solution for VAT tax?

A1: With your cooperation, we have 3 methods for your reference. For details, please contact our 7*24 hours online customer service

Q2: How about the delivery time?
A2: Mankeel has 6 International warehouses in
UK/USA/Germany/Ireland/Poland/Belgium that can cover the entire territory of USA and Europe, and can complete the shipment and update the tracking number within 24 hours. For each product model, Mankeel has 1,800 units in stock to deal with urgent orders.

Q3: How about the product packaging?
A3: Mankeel uses environmentally friendly
foam + carton + wrapping tape, and has passed a breakage test at a height of at least 175cm. The detailed test video can be found on the 7*24 hours online service.

Q4: What can I customize?
A4: Mankeel supports custom LOGO/carton/instructions/colors and so on. If you have your own product design, welcome to have a comprehensive talk with Mankeel's engineering department.

Q5: Are the batteries you use safe?
A5: All batteries in Mankeel have undergone 72 hours of 100% aging test before entering the warehouse. Mankeel has prepared
MSDS certificate/UN38.3 certificate/sea and air transportation appraisal report, you can contact our 7*24 hours online service to obtain them.

Q6: What should I do if I am not satisfied with the delivery?
A6: Please find 7*24 hours online service as soon as possible. Mankeel has a detailed after-sales service plan. For complicated matters, Mankeel will reply to you at least once every two hours until the problem is solved.

Q7: I don't know how to use it
A7: Mankeel has paper instructions and videos to teach you how to use it. You can also make a
video call with Mankeel's 7*24 hours online service to learn how to use it.

Q8: How to get the discount?
A8: Please
follow Mankeel's Alibaba store and collect your favorite products. From time to time, Mankeel will send you news about promotions and coupons. Of course, you can also ask 7*24 hours online service from time to time.

Q9: Can we become Mankeel's brand agents?
A9: Of course, it is very welcome. You can contact our 7*24 hours online service to obtain the agency agreement, talk cooperation requirements and legal details.

Q10: What can Mankeel do for our brand agents?
Mankeel has a professional team of 135 employees, which can provide you with
Price and market protection/After-sales service/Delivery time guarantee/Common marketing alliance/Material resource sharing.

Mankeel will unreservedly share the product images, product videos, marketing resources, and marketing promotion plans, also share your marketing expenses and do paid marketing promotion for you. Introduction and other timely sharing for you to do product and brand promotion together to expand your influence and help your customer flow.

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